AI Yesterday is a zine and online forum that critically engages with AI histories.

Issue 00

September 2020

Theme for this issue


AI is frequently lauded for its future promise and imaginaries. For the first issue of AI Yesterday, we invite submissions that consider AI that failed to live up to its promise, or failed in ways that were totally unexpected. What does failure mean when it comes to AI? Who takes responsibility for AI failures? Who does AI fail? Relating the digital to the physical, where are the sites of AI failures? What labour and techniques do AI failures mask?

Submissions Ended
We welcome topics from a range of disciplines and encourage experimentation. Some suggestions below include:

  • Algorithms (in)action
  • Mediating workplaces with AI
  • Designers/Users/Bystanders in AI systems
  • AI’s “PR” issues
  • Linear regression

Submissions must be made on A4 page pdfs or jpegs. The formats below are suggestions, we welcome freeform expression in whatever format you see fit.

Essay | Short Story | Poem | Collage | Illustration |
Sketch | Comic | Recipe | GIF | Code | Sketch

We welcome digital native submissions and analogue scans.
Please send your submissions to

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AIyesterday 2021 — London, UK