︎Issue 01


Marvin Minsky believed our brains were merely meat machines and “if we can think, so can machines”. Hubert Dreyfus on the other hand criticised the very assumption that the brain was analogous to computer software. Arguing that human decision making is context driven, and employs our subconscious and unconscious while computers require data to be presented in formalised datasets. 

Boris Johnson blamed a “Mutant Algorithm” for the A level Exam fiasco. Deepmind shed new light on our understanding of protiens. Never before has technology been so politically charged and concentrated in power at a planetary scale.

Curse, blessing, companion, posterchild. It has become clear that AI as a technology is not so much about definitions as it is about Positions. Ironically nothing is binary when it comes to AI. We can however, understand our relationship with it a little better in terms of how we position ourselves and it along the spectrums and spaces of time, politics, history and culture.

Search for images of “AI” on Google and you are presented with bizarre glowing illustrations of blue brains within mystical black spaces. What do these visuals tell us about how we define AI? Through out this issue we will explore people’s positions on AI and AI’s position on us. Through workshops, interviews, contributions articles and discussions, we will present a collage of our love hate relationship with our wildest creation.

The Positions issue will be published 25/11/21.