︎Call for Submissions

Issue theme:

Positions of AI

What are our thoughts on the social technological implications of AI? Where do you see AI fitting in your life? Is it a technology of destiny or an extra in a blockbuster movie? We welcome topics from a range of disciplines and encourage experimentation. Some suggestions below include:

︎Written submissions:

Historical responses to definitions of AI
New vocabularies that describe AI across disciplines
Commentaries and reportage of real world success and failures of AI

Submissions may be made on pdfs or jpegs. The formats below are suggestions, we welcome freeform expression in whatever format you see fit.

Essay | Short Story | Poem | Collage | Illustration | Sketch | Comic | Recipe | GIF | Code | Sketch

We welcome digital native submissions and analogue scans as well.
︎Project submissions:

Physical or digital projects (you have made) that demonstrate:
new applications of AI (useful or provocative)
Fictional objects that represent future positions of AI

Please send us a short write up about your project, conributors and credits.
Please include a storage link (Google Drive/Dropbox etc) to images or videos of the project. If videos are hosted on Youtube or Vimeo, please include those as well.

Please send your submissions to hello@aiyesterday.com