AI Yesterday is a digital zine and transmedia forum that critically engages with AI histories up to and including yesterday. 

Issue 02 / AI FAILS

November 2021
Announcing Issue 02: AI FAILS.

AI Fails is a large and unwieldy subject, one that receives outsize media attention and academic focus.

Its looming presence over the AI stack obscures nuances, trivialities and complexities of AI Fails that may be less visible than bigger media stories.

What do these fails mean? In a conventional sense do they cause harm? Or are they simply technologies that don’t work.

We don’t ascribe values to the fails we cover, rather we illuminate their very existence, giving agency to the mundane. 

Fails can also be fun. And funny, something that often gets lost in the uber-serious way AI is framed. Un-funny or funny, or both we hope you like it.